Monday, February 14, 2011

Marvelous Valentine

Hey all! It's been a great long time since I've posted on this blog. I've been busy trying to maintain my newer site,, as well as working on some other side projects. One of which is editing the Mega Manthology (a comics anthology fanzine about Mega Man) and playing around with a new character, Wesley Wilkinson, for a story titled Calculation Error, which should be due out this fall in a new book I'm working on with my friend and confidant, Caitlin McGurk!
Below is a small comic I made on morning all in good fun. Don't sue me Marvel, I love super hero stuff, if I didn't do you think I could draw Spider-Man's suit so accurately?

And here is a sweet valentine I made this year. It pictures my characters from Percy & Grimm. Happy V-Day, y'all, hope it's romantic!


Anonymous said...

Well, posting a lot of pictures is an undersatement! over 5700 and 317 pages!!!??! awesome drawings Matt, funny shit too 

Matt Aucoin? said...

Thanks! I'm no Three Stooges or anything, maybe a Single Stooge...