Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More Diary Strips

Here's a couple more diary comics. The best thing about diary comics is that you don't really have to write anything, you just have to remember what happened. If you tell the story to about 3 of your friends and they don't give you that look that's like, "And...?", it's probably good for a diary comic. Below is a meeting with an old friend.
Like I said above, I just tried to remember what my friend said word for word. It was a fun strip to draw. Corn, who gives a shit?

This last one is sooo true. I've been trying to squeeze in comics the last month, but also trying to beat all the old 8-bit games I couldn't master as a child. Games like Castlevania, Castlevania II: Simon's Quest, and Metroid (all beaten). I did have a Metroid picture I drew that I was going to put on the screen in the panel above, but I just had to use a Goomba from Super Mario Bros that I'd drawn earlier in the week.
When I was a kid my good friend, Jay Cyr, and I would play Super Mario Brothers on the NES. I remember him comparing the Goombas to dirtbags. I think we got killed by those dirtbags a lot. One day Jay yelled, "JUMP YOU DIRTBAG!!" and it's stayed in my memory ever since. I thought it was the funniest thing, and still do all these years later. I try to sneak it in my comics whenever I can.
Another couple of funny angry video game quotes are these: "GODDAMN IT, PERCY!" by Jay's father, Moe, when playing Princess Tomato and Percy dropped the water bucket that we needed to water the dehydrated melon in the field. And, a personal favorite, my father died while playing The Adventure of Link, the game over screen came up with Ganon laughing at you, and my father sprang up to the television, hit the screen rapidly (but not hard) with his middle finger and yelled, "YOU POTHOLE!" I'd like to have heard what he would've yelled if his small children weren't in the room. But, "pothole" was a great new insult that I added to my arsenal after that gaming session.

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Jay said...

Love the drawing Matt! Especially the dirtbag quote. Its great how you can remember stuff like that... I can also picture your father flicking the screen. Keep up the good work.