Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Comic Diaries are Back!

....at least for a little while. Check it out. All this stuff actually happened, this week no less. I had kept a comic book diary for almost over three years, but it dwindled when I was struggling to keep up with class projects at CCS. As you can tell, I was very inspired by James Kolchalka, the inventor of Comic Diaries, and also the inventor of singing into two microphones, coinicidentally.

I stopped doing them because I felt like I was being way too self important to...myself. I didn't want to be such an egomaniac, and plus everybody was doing diary comics. What makes me so special? I thought to myself, that people want to read ultra personal shit about my life? So I dropped it like it was hot. I read one of my diary book diaries the other day and realized that I'm actually pretty self-depricating to myself, which is definitly the opposite of being self important. So I decided to take another stab at it, but only giving myself about ten to twenty minutes per strip, and only then to use them as a warm up for when I'm working on my larger works. So I'll stick with it and if there are any worth posting I'll post them.
I do a lot of observational pieces like the one above. They are more like poetry if I had to tack it down, but I don't so it just is.

Sorry to leave off with such a weak strip, but that was what that day was like. Okay, back to the drawing board.

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