Monday, September 27, 2010

Percy and Grimm Unveiled!

I haven't been posting for quite sometime now, that's because I have been working on a secret project which I unvelied to the comics community at MICE (Massachusettes Independent Comics Expo) this past weekend. Here's a four panel strip of the main characters:
Percy and Grimm will be an on going series on my new website, . However, it's application is harder to use than blogger, so I won't be posting until October 24, 2010, hopefully I'll be used to the program by then.

Percy and Grimm is a hilarious comedy set in a fantasy world. Percy and Grimm travel from town to town looking for quests to make money and gain experience. Percy, the tall one with hair, is training to become a warrior. He is 35-years-old, and is still carrying around a wooden sword because that is where his skill set is at the moment.

Grimm, the portly fellow with a bandana, stives to become the world's greatest theif. He has little dexterity due to his stubby fingers, but that doesn't stop him. Also, eating is Grimm's favorite thing to do. Ever.

Percy and Grimm will be told in small, self-contained chapters. Each chapter builds off the previous one, but they can stand alone as well. Chapters probably won't be more than 32 pages. I plan on updating a page a week. And this comic will be kid friendly. Hope to see you on their first quest, I'll send out e-mails when is ready to roll.

I used a brush and technical pen for this comic. It's something I've been playing around with. I might switch to that full time, but the first chapter of Percy and Grimm, The Gumdrop King, is done entirely in techinical pens. I'm trying to settle into the right style for this series. But instead of taking months on deciding I jumped right in and hope to feel out the right style as my chapters progress.


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totally sweet. Can't wait to see what you've come up with!