Wednesday, May 26, 2010

One Window

Here is the second round of thumbnails for a smaller piece I've been working on called One Window. In the classes I've had with Steve Bissette he showed us many of his short horror stories. I found it amazing that he could tell such short, yet horrific stories. One of my favorites, COTTONMOUTH, was told in only four pages! Every word and every line count. When I got to the end of COTTONMOUTH I had to set it down, say "what the hell?", then promptly pick it up and read it again. Anyway, here is what I came up with.

Gross, I know. The first draft of this was a bit more wordy, and repetative, so I tried to cut down on that. I think the pacing works well. I wanted the panel layout for the first three pages to be the same as the window panes that the character is looking out of. Trying to get the reader, for three pages, to be in that constant state of looking at the same sight. I only drew in the window panes in the first panel, but they would be drawn in every panel. These are only the thumbnails, and I wanted to convey what was happening in the outside scenes, because the window panes will not change from panel to panel.

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