Sunday, April 4, 2010

MOCCA 2010!

People of the World,
I will be attending the Mocca Comic Convention this weekend April 10th and April 11th. This will be one of the first shows I've attended as a vendor in a while. I'm bringing with me DoubleThink issues 8 and 9. 9 is pictured below...

They both are also available at Earth Prime Comics on Church Street in Burlington for those of you who won't be at the Con. DoubleThink #9 retails for $3.00, and #8 will run about 1 buck. Also, just a little tip here, Earth Prime will be giving away DoubleThink #8 for free for this years Free Comic Book Day, which is May 1st.

Some of what appears in DoubleThink #9 has appeared in various forms in this very blog. A Worm's Life, I Wish I Never Met You, and the first four pages of Die, Baby, Die! are all in this comic book that is none too shabby.

Hope to see you at the Con! If I do I will greet you happily and try to sell you comics. If that fails, I might beg you to take them and bring them home to show to your friends and grandparents. Till next week!

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Sean said...

can't fucking wait, doooood