Monday, February 8, 2010

Usagi Yojimbo Deformities

Kriota Willburg came into our school for a two day intensive anatomy lesson. She was a really great teacher, she understood the body extremely well, and she taught with humor. After the two day intensive, which was geared towards cartooning, we had homework. Homework, BLECH! We had to draw one of our favorite comic book characters and deform them in some way. I chose Usagi Yojimbo, he is one of my favorites...

Here is Usagi in normal garb and no deformities, and here he is practically naked. I swear this was part of the assignment! I chose this type of underwear to give Usagi a bit of current fashion.

Above is a study of the skeletal system and then the muscles. I figured Usagi would have a six-pack, since he's such a great swordsman. I'm not sure if that is what bunny ear muscles look like or not, but it was fun to draw.

Here is Usagi deformed! The funnest part! To the left he is extremely aged, and to the right I added a bunch of fatty tissue to the ronin. I had a lot of fun with this homework assignment, but am still waiting to get graded on it.


John Platt said...

Most awesome!

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