Monday, February 8, 2010

Sexy Foltz Lady

I usually sit beside my friend, Holly Foltz (you can find her link on the sidebar), during our Monday classes. I like to sit next to Holly because she is always sketching sexy ladies. It's fun to watch her sketch. Her vixens have a very Disney-like quality to them.

This picture above was an impromtu collaboration. I had just got some new pens that I was dying to try out, so I handed Holly a piece of paper and asked her to sketch one of her sexy pin-up ladies. She obliged and came up with this smoking hot dominatrix. I inked a bit of it in class and brought it home to lay in the blacks.

We had so much fun doing this pin-up that Holly and I have been cooking up plans for further Sexy Foltz ladies. There's sure to be more facinating female pin-ups in the near future.


Anonymous said...

Hot ladies drawing hot ladies? What kind of school is this?

Matt Aucoin said...

The BEST kind of school.