Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mega Self Portrait

I always thought it was silly to draw yourself as something that you're not, say a certain robot who has a gun for an arm...so I had to do it myself.

This was another just plain fun picture to draw. I pretty much stole the pose from the art work for Mega Man 8 (1996). My puggle, Owen, is taking up the role of RUSH. I put the mini pipis in my hair to continue a running joke from class. Apparently, people think that my hair is rather unkempt, and I caught the nickname of "Birds' Nest". I believe it was Jason Lutes who coined the name, and it kind of stuck, I guess...

I tried to stick with a small colour pallet for this pic. There's really only a handful of colours, but I think that's what makes the picture stand up well.

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