Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mega Man and his insides.

I've recently been drawing a ton of sketches of the Mega Man characters. One of the appealing parts about Mega Man was always the super cartoony graphics. I can remember being a kid and drawing many of my own Mega Man inspired bad guys. This picture is inspired by Astro Boy by Osumu Tezuka. I've read before that the original Mega Man game (1987) was slated to be an Astro Boy game. Somehow, that title fell through, but instead of scrapping the game Capcom went ahead with production and cooked up the Blue Bomber that we all know and love! I don't know if this is true, so many of the little facts have been lost in time. But I have noticed in my own research that the Mega Man games closely resemble one of my favorite Tezuka comics ever titled the World's Greatest Robot, which is a battle of the seven strongest robots in the world. Which is very similiar to point of all the Mega Man games.

Disclaimer: Mega Man is copywritten and all rights belong to Capcom. Besides, this is just, like, fanart.

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