Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Guts Man DLN. 004

Who is the biggest, baddest, strongest robot master from the 8-Bit video game era? Guts Man, that's right, Guts Man. This is another Mega Baddie that I had fun sketching. I'm running through most of the robot masters from the first game. I chose this pose because I found, in the book MEGA MAN OFFICIAL COMPLETE WORKS, an illustration to promote the Mega Man racing game, MEGA MAN BATTLE AND CHASE (1997), where Guts Man is using this gesture while in his Wild Arms racer. Apparently this gesture is akin to flipping somebody off in the States, so Capcom illustrator Shinsuke Komaki had to redraw the entire image. I think it an appropriate pose for Guts Man, and redrew it here for an American audience.

Another fun thing about drawing all these Robot Masters is that I have some smaller pieces that I can practice my computer colouring on. After a lesson with Alec Longstreth, I've been itching to throw some colour into some of my sketches. That yellow looks a little bright on my monitor, so I might recolour him in the future, but right now I'm happy with the way it turned out.

Disclaimer: Guts Man is copywritten and all rights of him belong to CAPCOM, besides, this is just fanart anyway.

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