Friday, February 5, 2010

Cut Man Robot Master DLN. 003

I'm pretty sure that while Cut Man is sitting in his Boss Room waiting for Mega Man to come and kill him, this is what he does to kill the time. This was a fun piece I did today after having a lecture on computer colouring with Alec Longstreth. Alec is a swell guy, who is very enthusiastic, so enthusiastic in fact that I did this piece all in one day.

I didn't follow as closely as I should have the character designs. I just recently procured the book, MEGA MAN OFFICIAL COMPLETE WORKS which is an amazing art book that has all of the illustration work from Mega Man 1 all the way through to Mega Man 8 (including the GameBoy games and over seas releases). It's the kind of Mega Man book I've been dreaming about for years.

For a while I was hung up on making a FanZine called MegaZine. It first started as I would like to draw each of the Robot Masters doing something funny or cute, like above, and I would do a little funny bio about them and some character stats, like their favorite food and stuff like that. Then the idea swelled and I was going to do interviews with Keiji Inafune and all that good stuff, but COMPLETE WORKS has already done all that. Which makes me relieved that somebody has undertaken the task so I didn't have to. Now I think I'll be happy with my funny fan drawings of the robot masters and maybe some game tips and fun facts.

Disclaimer: Cut Man is registered Trademark of Capcom all rights belong to them, this is just fan art anyway.


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For some reason i had the same impression on Cut Man's dealings in free time. I had a over the top active imagination when I was child so you can figure it out.