Thursday, February 11, 2010

Die, Baby, Die thumbs pages 8-13

So, I'm still working on adding in the sound effects for the first scene. I'm going to run it by Steve Bissette on Monday and see where we're at with that. I'll post that later, hopefully it will be the final versions of those pages. Now I'm getting ready to layout the next scene. Here are the thumbnails I've started with. They are a bit rough, as my thumbnails tend to be, I'll explain some of the confusion in the text. That dude is Hisashi sweeping steps.
Introduction to Chiyoko, one of the main characters in this story.

In this page I was thinking of having the Grandmother saying something nasty in the first panel. But upon looking at it again, it almost works better as a silent panel.

Okay, I've gotten some feedback here. Chiyoko's grandparents run a small temple. This story is set in modern day Japan. One of my friends who lived there said that Japanese Buddhists don't pray this way. I've found a few videos showing that they do. I might leave it as is, sometimes if you leave out enough details the story will work, or if you have way too many details the story will work, but if you're somewhere in between it all falls apart. I think I might err on the side of not a ton of details and focus mostly on the story here.

These last two panels I think I'll flip.

I like this scene so far, but I'm not sure if I like how it ends with the grandparents. I was going to have the grandma say how she doesn't trust Hisashi, that all boys are after one thing. And the grandfather sticking up for Hisashi, saying he's a sweet kid. Then he says, "Don't you remember what it was like when we were that age?" And then he slaps his wife's ass and they run off, we can only assume to fool around. I cut that because it detrailed too much from the story of Chiyoko and Hisashi.
The comment about Chiyoko's mother I kind of like because it leaves her mother in mystery for the reader, which is something I could or could not come back to later. Although I do have a scene written when she is talking to one of the characters about loosing her parents. Maybe I need a bit more dialog from the grandmother before the grandfather says that Chiyoko is strong like her mother.
The next scene is Hisashi and Chiyoko walking to school and Hisashi gives Chiyoko a charm because he has a crush on her. I have it thumbnailed out, but it needs some changes. When I get to that and scan it in I'll throw it up on the web.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mega Self Portrait

I always thought it was silly to draw yourself as something that you're not, say a certain robot who has a gun for an I had to do it myself.

This was another just plain fun picture to draw. I pretty much stole the pose from the art work for Mega Man 8 (1996). My puggle, Owen, is taking up the role of RUSH. I put the mini pipis in my hair to continue a running joke from class. Apparently, people think that my hair is rather unkempt, and I caught the nickname of "Birds' Nest". I believe it was Jason Lutes who coined the name, and it kind of stuck, I guess...

I tried to stick with a small colour pallet for this pic. There's really only a handful of colours, but I think that's what makes the picture stand up well.

Guts Man DLN. 004

Who is the biggest, baddest, strongest robot master from the 8-Bit video game era? Guts Man, that's right, Guts Man. This is another Mega Baddie that I had fun sketching. I'm running through most of the robot masters from the first game. I chose this pose because I found, in the book MEGA MAN OFFICIAL COMPLETE WORKS, an illustration to promote the Mega Man racing game, MEGA MAN BATTLE AND CHASE (1997), where Guts Man is using this gesture while in his Wild Arms racer. Apparently this gesture is akin to flipping somebody off in the States, so Capcom illustrator Shinsuke Komaki had to redraw the entire image. I think it an appropriate pose for Guts Man, and redrew it here for an American audience.

Another fun thing about drawing all these Robot Masters is that I have some smaller pieces that I can practice my computer colouring on. After a lesson with Alec Longstreth, I've been itching to throw some colour into some of my sketches. That yellow looks a little bright on my monitor, so I might recolour him in the future, but right now I'm happy with the way it turned out.

Disclaimer: Guts Man is copywritten and all rights of him belong to CAPCOM, besides, this is just fanart anyway.

Mega Man and his insides.

I've recently been drawing a ton of sketches of the Mega Man characters. One of the appealing parts about Mega Man was always the super cartoony graphics. I can remember being a kid and drawing many of my own Mega Man inspired bad guys. This picture is inspired by Astro Boy by Osumu Tezuka. I've read before that the original Mega Man game (1987) was slated to be an Astro Boy game. Somehow, that title fell through, but instead of scrapping the game Capcom went ahead with production and cooked up the Blue Bomber that we all know and love! I don't know if this is true, so many of the little facts have been lost in time. But I have noticed in my own research that the Mega Man games closely resemble one of my favorite Tezuka comics ever titled the World's Greatest Robot, which is a battle of the seven strongest robots in the world. Which is very similiar to point of all the Mega Man games.

Disclaimer: Mega Man is copywritten and all rights belong to Capcom. Besides, this is just, like, fanart.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Fistful of Furries Page Five

Wow, just wow. What a gross and pervy ending. This comic was made before I learned to kind of "turn down the grossness notch". But, whatever, I still think it's funny.

For those of you who are into this sort of thing, I drew in a few of my classmates from the Center for Cartoon Studies 2010 class. And another fun fact, that wolf hat that Robyn's wearing is a tip of the hat to Sokka's wolf helmet from Avatar the Last Airbender.

Fistful of Furries Page Four

Let me say right off the bat that all these characters on the top tier do not belong to me. They all belong to their perspective parties. And those weird bunnies doing it on the third tier, well...I ripped off this panel from my classmate Gary Paul Bonesteel. You see, he did a comic about a sappy emo bunny, this was the highlight of the whole book, so I swiped it. There's a link on the sidebar to a world full of Gary Paul's Furry inspired comics.

Fistful of Furries Page Three

I was having more fun with trying to lead the eye through the page. I found that I had learned a lot about furries through my research. I didn't do any "hands-on" research, but there were many cans of worms opened from just the things that I found online. has most of the shows that popularized furries in the main stream media.

Anyway, that's why the comic is so wordy, and I don't even think I scratched the surface of the potential of the Furdome. Keny Widjaja suggested I follow this up with "BEYOND FURRIES". Who knows what the future will hold?

Fistful of Furries Page Two

Here's page two. I should take this space to let people know that this comic is totally not for children. Enjoy... I was trying out different page layouts for this page. You wouldn't know it from looking at this, but I was reading Lil' Abner by Al Cap and trying to get that kind of down home feel.

On a side note, I love trying pipe smoke.

Fistful of Furries page 01

This is the first of five pages that I drew for a comic history assignment (I printed it in DoubleThink #6). We could choose any aspect of contemporary comics, and I decided to try to unveil what makes people go furry. For those of you who don't know what a furry is, check back next week where Inky Solomon gives you the low down on Page Two.


Here is another small autobio piece I did at the end of 2009. I know I said that I'm not big on autobio stuff, and that they appeal to nobody outside of my friends and family, but for some reason I did another one tentatively titled: WORMY.

This story may end up seeing some changes before seeing print. Hell, it might not even get printed. It was another comic I felt I needed to get out of my system before jumping back into my longer work, DIE, BABY, DIE! It's refreshing to get a whole story out in a day, as opposed to slaving away for a month or more on a 20-something page story. Knocking out a quick one lets you know, "Yeah, you can be productive." It's a weird mind trick to play on yourself, but as long as your mind doesn't know, then you win...or something like that.

The Humph!

Here's a sketch of Humphrey Bogart I did while watching some old mystery movies. Bogart was the best. You should check out The Maltese Falcon, it's one of my favorites. One of his great lines in it goes something like, "I don't like you two birds suckin' around." I don't know if anyone but Bogart could pull off a line like that.

Hollywood Frakkers

So, this is an autobio comic I did after a trip to the video store: This is the type of strip that you just kind of jump into and hope for the best. I definitly do not work this way most of the time, but every once in a while it's fun to just sit in front of a piece of paper, move your pen around, and see what happens.

I don't think I'll refine this any further. It seems to me that most autobio strips are great for the cartoonist's friends and family, but after that they tend to be not easily accessible. What do you think? In this case, I think it might appeal to Battle Star fans as well, but what do I know, I'm just a cartoonist.

Creature Baby Mama Drama!

This is a project I did in late 08 for Anna's writing class. The assignment was to do a one page comic about love...

I had been kicking around the idea of doing a comic called "CREATURE" which is a world inhabited by creatures and all the story telling is through pictures and sound effects, no words. This is actually what I dreamed Disney's movie DINOSAUR would be when I saw the first preview. Boy was I disappointed when I shelled about seven bucks to see that stinker!

On the bright side, you didn't shell out anything to read the stinker above. I went the whole motherly love route. This is actually my second attempt at this story. I'm sure if I did it again today, it'd look better. And if I did it a few years after that it'd look better. But sharing old work is good, right?

Usagi Yojimbo Deformities

Kriota Willburg came into our school for a two day intensive anatomy lesson. She was a really great teacher, she understood the body extremely well, and she taught with humor. After the two day intensive, which was geared towards cartooning, we had homework. Homework, BLECH! We had to draw one of our favorite comic book characters and deform them in some way. I chose Usagi Yojimbo, he is one of my favorites...

Here is Usagi in normal garb and no deformities, and here he is practically naked. I swear this was part of the assignment! I chose this type of underwear to give Usagi a bit of current fashion.

Above is a study of the skeletal system and then the muscles. I figured Usagi would have a six-pack, since he's such a great swordsman. I'm not sure if that is what bunny ear muscles look like or not, but it was fun to draw.

Here is Usagi deformed! The funnest part! To the left he is extremely aged, and to the right I added a bunch of fatty tissue to the ronin. I had a lot of fun with this homework assignment, but am still waiting to get graded on it.

Sexy Foltz Lady

I usually sit beside my friend, Holly Foltz (you can find her link on the sidebar), during our Monday classes. I like to sit next to Holly because she is always sketching sexy ladies. It's fun to watch her sketch. Her vixens have a very Disney-like quality to them.

This picture above was an impromtu collaboration. I had just got some new pens that I was dying to try out, so I handed Holly a piece of paper and asked her to sketch one of her sexy pin-up ladies. She obliged and came up with this smoking hot dominatrix. I inked a bit of it in class and brought it home to lay in the blacks.

We had so much fun doing this pin-up that Holly and I have been cooking up plans for further Sexy Foltz ladies. There's sure to be more facinating female pin-ups in the near future.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Cut Man Robot Master DLN. 003

I'm pretty sure that while Cut Man is sitting in his Boss Room waiting for Mega Man to come and kill him, this is what he does to kill the time. This was a fun piece I did today after having a lecture on computer colouring with Alec Longstreth. Alec is a swell guy, who is very enthusiastic, so enthusiastic in fact that I did this piece all in one day.

I didn't follow as closely as I should have the character designs. I just recently procured the book, MEGA MAN OFFICIAL COMPLETE WORKS which is an amazing art book that has all of the illustration work from Mega Man 1 all the way through to Mega Man 8 (including the GameBoy games and over seas releases). It's the kind of Mega Man book I've been dreaming about for years.

For a while I was hung up on making a FanZine called MegaZine. It first started as I would like to draw each of the Robot Masters doing something funny or cute, like above, and I would do a little funny bio about them and some character stats, like their favorite food and stuff like that. Then the idea swelled and I was going to do interviews with Keiji Inafune and all that good stuff, but COMPLETE WORKS has already done all that. Which makes me relieved that somebody has undertaken the task so I didn't have to. Now I think I'll be happy with my funny fan drawings of the robot masters and maybe some game tips and fun facts.

Disclaimer: Cut Man is registered Trademark of Capcom all rights belong to them, this is just fan art anyway.

Die, Baby, Die! first few pages

Here are the roughs for my first seven pages of Die, Baby, Die! I call them roughs, because even though they are inked, they haven't been totally cleaned up on Photoshop and there still maybe be some changes to be made. Note that I didn't include page 5 because I totally forgot to scan it when I was in the dungeon scanning today. These bottom panels will fit the page eventually.
This is pretty much the same as before, except I changed Miyuki in panel one. I also added a bit of detail to her face, because after working hard to rip off Dave Gibbon's style (WATCHMEN), I decided to change the way I draw this story. Pages 6 and 7 are closer to what I want it to look like, but I'm dreading having to redraw pages 2-5!

I'm planning on shrinking Miyuki in Panel 4, so that she looks farther away from the Demon, and maybe adding some screen tones on those oh-so-hideous legs so that they push closer to the reader. I might add the shading in with ink, old school style.

AAAAH! Big page turn moment! I think it works nicely. I might want to thicken the lines around the YEEK, and again add a bit of tone or shading to that oh-so-hideous arm. I've been struggling to figure out what I should do for this panel border. I might do it with some scratchy thick lines, to emphasize the freaking outness of this page. Before I had laid it out like some of the edge was cracking away like glass, but I've gotten many different opinions on that. Some say that when you break up the panels, the white space in between represents time. I never really thought of it that way, but it makes sense. Things happen in between the panels, that is for sure.
Another idea was to always keep every panel border the same thickness and shape because comics are about what is inside the panels, not what the panels look like. Some people claim that doing a shakey panel border is way too fancy and just showing off your drawing skills at drawing panel borders. I'm not sure I agree with this, because it is just another tool in your "cartoonist box" to help you get across your story or the feeling of your story.
So all of that being said, I wonder what this panel border will end up being? If I spend too much time thinking about it I'll be Dead, Baby, Dead before the damn thing gets drawn.

I'm kind of liking how this page turned out. This is where I think I started feeling comfortable with Miyuki as a character, too bad she's not a main character because she's really fun to draw. The last two panels are some more of that "too fancy" drawing stuff, but what the hell, I like to draw and I wanted to panels to carry more weight than the top panels.
This page is missing some sound effects. I'm having a crit with Steve Bissette and some of my classmates on monday in hopes to tackle this problem. I have a clear idea of the sound effects I want, CREEEEEEEK! and CLUMP being those. We'll see where that crit leads these pages.

This page isn't finished yet. There are some CLUMPs missing. The two penciled panels I'm hoping to clean up and ink by Monday. Some of the Es need a bit of touching up, I wonder if they are thick enough. I'm sure Steve will tell me. Cheers!