Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Couple Days in the Life

Here are a couple more diary comics. It's the little things that make life worth living, don't you agree? Most of the strips, like the one above, are done about something that I find humorous. I tend to find the "f" word extremely humorous.

This last one is just happened. In the third panel the skinny kid is supposed to be slapping his knee, but it looks like he's slapping the mustachioed dude's weener, which is even more funny. Unintentional hilarity ensues. Ha ha hah.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More Diary Strips

Here's a couple more diary comics. The best thing about diary comics is that you don't really have to write anything, you just have to remember what happened. If you tell the story to about 3 of your friends and they don't give you that look that's like, "And...?", it's probably good for a diary comic. Below is a meeting with an old friend.
Like I said above, I just tried to remember what my friend said word for word. It was a fun strip to draw. Corn, who gives a shit?

This last one is sooo true. I've been trying to squeeze in comics the last month, but also trying to beat all the old 8-bit games I couldn't master as a child. Games like Castlevania, Castlevania II: Simon's Quest, and Metroid (all beaten). I did have a Metroid picture I drew that I was going to put on the screen in the panel above, but I just had to use a Goomba from Super Mario Bros that I'd drawn earlier in the week.
When I was a kid my good friend, Jay Cyr, and I would play Super Mario Brothers on the NES. I remember him comparing the Goombas to dirtbags. I think we got killed by those dirtbags a lot. One day Jay yelled, "JUMP YOU DIRTBAG!!" and it's stayed in my memory ever since. I thought it was the funniest thing, and still do all these years later. I try to sneak it in my comics whenever I can.
Another couple of funny angry video game quotes are these: "GODDAMN IT, PERCY!" by Jay's father, Moe, when playing Princess Tomato and Percy dropped the water bucket that we needed to water the dehydrated melon in the field. And, a personal favorite, my father died while playing The Adventure of Link, the game over screen came up with Ganon laughing at you, and my father sprang up to the television, hit the screen rapidly (but not hard) with his middle finger and yelled, "YOU POTHOLE!" I'd like to have heard what he would've yelled if his small children weren't in the room. But, "pothole" was a great new insult that I added to my arsenal after that gaming session.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jen Vaughn Topless!!!

This is an actual dream that I had about the great Jen Vaughn. Apparently she's been creeping into people's dreams as of late and trying to rub them down. If any of you know Jen, then you know that she posts a million pictures on flickr. You can check them out at I ran this comic by Jen before posting it, to make sure it wasn't too racy. She loved it and gave me the go ahead. Actually, she loved it so much that she wanted to reenact it, take photos of it, and post them on flickr.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Percy & Grimm starts this Sunday!

Here's a promotional poster I did for my new webcomic, Percy & Grimm. It's a humorous fantasy comic revolving around two friends who can't seem to do anything right. I'll be updating it a page a week, on Mondays, at .

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Comic Diaries are Back! least for a little while. Check it out. All this stuff actually happened, this week no less. I had kept a comic book diary for almost over three years, but it dwindled when I was struggling to keep up with class projects at CCS. As you can tell, I was very inspired by James Kolchalka, the inventor of Comic Diaries, and also the inventor of singing into two microphones, coinicidentally.

I stopped doing them because I felt like I was being way too self important to...myself. I didn't want to be such an egomaniac, and plus everybody was doing diary comics. What makes me so special? I thought to myself, that people want to read ultra personal shit about my life? So I dropped it like it was hot. I read one of my diary book diaries the other day and realized that I'm actually pretty self-depricating to myself, which is definitly the opposite of being self important. So I decided to take another stab at it, but only giving myself about ten to twenty minutes per strip, and only then to use them as a warm up for when I'm working on my larger works. So I'll stick with it and if there are any worth posting I'll post them.
I do a lot of observational pieces like the one above. They are more like poetry if I had to tack it down, but I don't so it just is.

Sorry to leave off with such a weak strip, but that was what that day was like. Okay, back to the drawing board.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Archie Comics Snags Mega Man!

It's finally happening...again! The rights to Mega Man are being whored out to the highest bidder, this time it's Archie Comics: home of the most successful (or at least the longest) run of video game to comic book series in North America, Sonic the Hedgehog. Here's a look at the first cover:

The first issue is slated to be drawn by Patrick Spaziante and written by Ian Flynn. Both are veterans at Archie Comics, working mostly on the aformentioned Sonic the Hedgehog series. Sorces say that the story line will be following the original Mega Man series, so we're talking the old 8-bit Mega Man (released in 1987) up to the most current installment, Mega Man 10 (released in 2010). Rumors are bubbling already that if this title is a success then future titles maybe be in the works: Mega Man X, Mega Man Legends, and maybe even Mega Man Battle Network. Let's hope that Flynn remembers what made these games so endearing in the first place: great character design and a massive amount of sweet bad guys all with the last name MAN! This seems fairly obvious to anybody whose ever played a Mega Man game before, but you'd be surprized. Below is a preview page of the first issue, so far it looks like Spaz and Flynn know what they're doing.
There has been attempted Mega Man comics before in North America, that missed the mark by so far that it seemed like they were shooting at a different frickin' target. That's right, remember these guys...?

DreamWave comics, an aspiring company out of Cananda that went belly up after about a year or two of production (2003-2004). This company had rights to some of the most successful franchises of the late 80s and early 90s: Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, G.I. Joe, as well as some popluar gaming titles: Mega Man, Metroid, Kill Zone and Devil May Cry, not to mention a handful of original titles. It's a wonder why they went bankrupt, with such a steller -take-your-money-out-of-your-wallet-and-give-it-to-me line up, but I'm not here to speculate on the mishaps that happened at DreamWave in the early 2000's, I'm here to tell you about how bad they fucked up their Mega Man comic.
Yep, here it is. All four issues, they even collected it in a pocket size so that you could carry it around with you every where to read a poorly plotted out story where Dr. Light decides that Rocky (Mega Man) has to go to school as a civilian child to learn just what it is to be a human. The first three issues deal with Rocky having a crush on a human girl, trying to deal with his feelings on that, and the whole while being bullied by three bullies who just so happen to be Dr. Wily's nephews. I mean, come ON! We're talking about Mega Man here, the Blue Bomber! He has a frickin' arm cannon instead of a hand! He's not gonna take any shit from three snot nosed bullies at a middle school in Japan. He'd blow their frickin' heads off with his P-Buster, just like in the games. Was there ever anything in any Mega Man game that you didn't blast into oblivion once it made its way on the screen? Nope, never.
The fault seems to lie with writer for this series Brian Augustyn. It seemed like he'd never played a Mega Man game in his life, and if he did, he couldn't put his pen on what made it so great. Don't let these covers fool you, this is mostly like reading a bad episode of Saved By The Bell, with a do-gooder whiny-assed robot playing the lead of Zak Morse. They spend more time in this series in the teen drama romance than they do having Mega Man fight bad robots. And when he does fight bad robots, they aren't any from the game. In fact, the designs are so different from any Mega Man game, it might as well have been in a totally different universe, where robots go to high school and date human chicks. They could have called it Saved By the Robot, or Zak Man. I would have scanned in some images of these great comic sequences, but I've locked all four issues in a box that says "Do not open ever. Seriously." and mailed it to the restricted section in the library at Hogwarts.
To top it all off, the last issue totally disreguards any previous story in the first three issues (thank GAWD) and ends rather abruptly with Mega Man X swooping in (from the future, mind you) to gather up Rocky to help him fight a giant Robot War in the future...hey wait a minute, when is Rocky gonna kiss Chelsea? And spend time studying with his buddy Alan when schools out, and teach those good for nothing Wily bullies what for?
As you can tell from that ranting, this series wasn't what most Mega Man fans were expecting. The reason I dwell on it so much, is that Patrick "Spaz" Spaziante, the very same penciler who is drawing the first issue in the new Archie Comics Mega Man line, drew the fourth and final issue in the DreamWave series. Though that entire series, the DreamWave one, sucked, there is still hope. The last issue, was Spazzified, if you will, with meticulous details in the backgrounds. He added in Robot Masters from the games where ever he could and even many little baddies to boot. It was great to see his effort, and each panel looked as though it were official Capcom licensed artwork. Spaz, from what we've seen so far, looks like a mega choice for this series. If only Flynn will learn from the mistakes Augustyn made and not just rewrite his favorite 90210 episodes with Mega Man as Brendan and Rush as Steve, we'll be okay. Udon Press has recently been bringing Mega Man comics to North America that have been printed ages ago in Japan. They've been drawing about Mega Man over there forever and not fucking it up with delusions of teen romance. Hitoshi Ariga is the author of the MegaMix title. You can tell by reading this book that Ariga has totally submerged himself in the Mega Man world. He probably has played these games so much that he could beat them without dying once. This dedication is instantly picked up on by the reader. The first volume is mostly action sequences of frickin' robots fighting each other, with small, fun, plot lines tying the events together. There's a lot of heart in these stories, but they never get preachy or self indulgent. An author who respects the enjoys the source material. Imagine that. Not once does Mega Man sit down for a soda and hamburgers at the Peach Pit, he's too busy saving the world from evil frickin' robots!
The first two volumes are out now, and the third should be released sometime early in 2011. If you need a Mega Man comic fix before Spring in 2011, these should tide you over nicely. This also might be a nice time to plug my own comic endeavor of Mega Man. I'm getting together a nice assortment of dedicated cartoonist to have their hand in the Mega Man universe. The book is called Mega Manthology and is due out in early Spring 2011. It's a fanzine (please don't sue Capcom) with all profits being donated to a charity as of yet unchosen. You can find out the details here: if you're interested.
I'll leave you off with some more sketches from the Spaz. I'll say these are looking really great. Until next time: Fight on, True Believers, for everlasting peace!

Friday, October 8, 2010

New Profile Pic!

Yeah, that's right, I draw these characters and they jump off the board and bother me.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Tut tut. Looks like rain.

I drew this yesterday while I was in the eye doctor's office. It was raining cats and dogs, as the saying goes, all day. My puggle, Owen, doesn't always like to do his "business" in a timely fashion. He likes to sniff around for about twenty minutes, lift his leg in five different spots then change his mind, eat some grass, sniff for another five to ten minutes before emptying his bladder. As you can imagine, it gets a bit annoying after the first three minutes.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Percy and Grimm's Secret Stash

Above is a sneak peak at the chapter intro to our heroes' very first quest: The Gumdrop King! What are they looking at? Is it a bright green caterpillar? Is it some kind of weird hamburger? Is it indeed Grimace, from famed McDonald's commercials? And why is Grimm drooling? And, for that matter, what is Percy holding in his hand? It appears to be some kind of wooden wood. All these questions and more will be answered once Percy & Grimm, the webcomic is launched October 24, 2010!


Monday, September 27, 2010

Percy and Grimm Unveiled!

I haven't been posting for quite sometime now, that's because I have been working on a secret project which I unvelied to the comics community at MICE (Massachusettes Independent Comics Expo) this past weekend. Here's a four panel strip of the main characters:
Percy and Grimm will be an on going series on my new website, . However, it's application is harder to use than blogger, so I won't be posting until October 24, 2010, hopefully I'll be used to the program by then.

Percy and Grimm is a hilarious comedy set in a fantasy world. Percy and Grimm travel from town to town looking for quests to make money and gain experience. Percy, the tall one with hair, is training to become a warrior. He is 35-years-old, and is still carrying around a wooden sword because that is where his skill set is at the moment.

Grimm, the portly fellow with a bandana, stives to become the world's greatest theif. He has little dexterity due to his stubby fingers, but that doesn't stop him. Also, eating is Grimm's favorite thing to do. Ever.

Percy and Grimm will be told in small, self-contained chapters. Each chapter builds off the previous one, but they can stand alone as well. Chapters probably won't be more than 32 pages. I plan on updating a page a week. And this comic will be kid friendly. Hope to see you on their first quest, I'll send out e-mails when is ready to roll.

I used a brush and technical pen for this comic. It's something I've been playing around with. I might switch to that full time, but the first chapter of Percy and Grimm, The Gumdrop King, is done entirely in techinical pens. I'm trying to settle into the right style for this series. But instead of taking months on deciding I jumped right in and hope to feel out the right style as my chapters progress.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Perils of Picorna Review

I just purchased Perils of Picorna at MICE this weekend. I was really drawn in by the cover, a cute, well drawn, girl who looked like a reluctant hero. I flipped through it and after walking around for a few hours decided that I would regret it if I didn't buy it. I’m glad I swung back to pick it up.

Written by Amy Kaczmarowski and Rick Silva and drawn by Missy Pena, Perils of Picorna is a fantasy Dungeons and Dragons type of world. The story is about a young servant girl, Picorna. This first chapter is about her taking on a daring mission, the first step (I'm assuming) of her becoming a full fledged hero. The world is completely realized, right down to the back story of most of the characters. The writers give us just enough back story without detracting from the current story.

The backgrounds in this book are fantastic. They are rendered with ease, and never seem labored. I always have a good sense of where the characters are in their world. Most of the artwork in this book is fantastic. For being Missy Pena's first published comic, she should be very pleased. Her character designs are tight and fun to look at. Each character has their own distinctive facial features. Character design and backgrounds are definitely Pena’s strong points.

Pena is such a great artist that the cold font sound effects that are pasted over her artwork clash immensely. I cringed every time my eyes slipped over a sound effect, feeling instinctively that Pena could have rendered something much more pleasing to the eye that fit more organically with the rest of the panel. Being on font, the text font was not distracting at all. There were a few odd shaped word balloons, but nothing entirely too distracting.

The page layouts were well thought out and considered. As far as words versus pictures go, I feel like there were a few too many words in some parts of the book. Characters would speak paragraph after paragraph to each other. Five paragraphs on a page and you might as well be reading a novel. People don’t usually talk like that, unless they’re long winded and in which case you might avoid talking to someone like that. There could be some more concise way to get the information and characterizations across. Much of this feels like the writers trying to cram too much information about the world or situation at the reader. I feel that some of it could have been weeded out and put in the back few pages, where there is a page of back story for the two main characters. So much dialog halts the flow of the story. Anything more than three or four sentences in a panel is too dialog heavy.

There are two action sequences in this story and they both felt stiff and rigid. There was little mounting tension in both sequences. And the characters action poses felt wooden and unnatural. I would suggest lengthening the action scenes in the future; really make them count for something. These are big moments, let the readers know that by giving them the space they need. Especially the final action sequence, it’s only 3 pages, one of which is a splash page. I would suggest that Pena study up on some classic fighting comics, anything by Akira Toriyama (the creator of Dragon Ball), to help strengthen future action scenes. And don’t forget the dramatic tension that can be utilized with page turns. The bottom of the right hand page should keep the reader wondering what’s happening next, so that they can’t wait to turn the page. Like a sword slicing through the air, right above Picorna’s head, that would hold me rapt.

The design layout of the book was poor. Some of the panel boarders were cut off and the margins were anywhere from a half inch to one sixteenth of an inch.

Aside from those nitpicky things, I very much enjoyed Perils of Picorna. I am now invested in this character and am anxiously awaiting her further adventures in 2011. I also can’t wait to see how Amy Kaczmarowski, Rick Silva, and Missy Pena evolve as a group.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mega VS. Met!

Here's a fun pic I drew in class last semester. I really was listening to the lecture. Seriously, drawing helps me focus. This is Mega Man fighting a Metall, which as kids we used to call them "Lil' Mets". They are one of my favorite baddies in the series.

Fire Man DLN. 007

Here he is, the hottest robot master from Mega Man: Fire Man. Keeping with my theme of "what do the robot masters do when they're bored", I have Fire Man putting his head to some good use. I just noticed too that in this series of fan art I've had a few of the robots eating...that must be something I do when I'm bored, that and draw robot masters.

Snake Man DWN. 022

Yes, yes, I know I've posted this image before, or something extremely close to it. I'm a bit of a Mega Man nut, and thought it would be funny to show how Snake Man eats. He's got to be doing something while he's waiting in that large room, waiting for Mega Man to come and blast him.
In my previous post Snake Man was eating a real rat. C'mon, that's just nasty. Above Snake Man is mawing down on a Ratton, from Toad Man's level in Mega Man 4 (released December of '91). Anyway, it was fun to try this picture again, and this time colour it on the computer.

You know, Snake Man might be one of the toughest bosses in Mega Man 3 (released September '90).

Saturday, June 19, 2010

I Wish I Never Met You Final

Hey All! This is a piece I worked closely on with my thesis advisor Stan Sakai at my time at the Center for Cartoon Studies. It appears in DoubleThink #9, there still might be some issues at Earth Prime Comics in Burlington, VT.

I added to this comic, for this viewing, and any future printing, some spot blacks on the kids' shirts and the table tops. I did all that in photoshop and was pretty happy with how the inverted NIRVANA came out on the shirt. For those of you into photoshop, you just select the area you want inverted and hit apple I, changes black to white and white to black.
Okay, enough tech talk. Hope you liked the comic.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

White River Liver

This is probably what would happen if I talked to strangers, or if I said anything more to my dog than "good boy" and "NO!"

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What Story Are You Telling?

I've been working hard on my story, Die, Baby, Die!, for almost a year now. I've gotten so invested that I feel as though I know the characters personally. I've enjoyed getting to know the characters (even the annoying ones) and how they've taken me into unexpected territory.

Working on a longer piece like this, I thought I knew exactly how it would all end up. But the story has gone through many, many different iterations. It started out as a straight up Demon Slasher story, with only one true main character, Chiyoko. I was going to be short, 90 pages, and to the point.

The further I got into my demon research, the more involved the story became. For months I wanted to show just how a demon could walk on earth among us. I spent months reading up on it and trying to fit it into my story. It wasn't until a few friends and close ones looked at it that I realized I was trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. Time to give up my intricate demon possession and demon back story. Dammit.

Meanwhile I'd been working out the characters. Shinji, Hisashi, Chiyoko, Yumiko and Miyuki were the big ones for the first chapter. I couldn't wait to get started on Inspector Ieada, but he wasn't to show up until the second chapter. I've always enjoyed a large cast of characters who are involved in something big, who are completely different, but are forced to be together. I find that you get the most interesting dynamics that way. I always thought people who worked together was the way to go for that, but High School works too. I remember hanging out with many people who weren't my favorite around that time in my life.

The characters had started taking on qualities that I hadn't expected. That is when writing comics is the most fun and rewarding for me. They've all won a little spot in my heart for their inadequacies and quirky hang-ups. I remember hearing from a couple of friends who I showed my first draft to that I should cut a few of my characters, that they had no point in being there. I went very strongly the other direction and gave said characters larger parts and explored them more than ever. I'd gotten very attached to the little world I'd created and couldn't see compromising it for anything.

So, I finished the first chapter last month. It was very rewarding. There are a few pages and panels I want to touch up here and there, but it's mostly finished. I'd talked to a few people who read it and they had pointed out how their favorite character is Hisashi. I must admit that I didn't see that coming. I had wanted Chiyoko to be the favorite character from the get go. But then I had her saying and doing things that I hadn't planned, but fit her character like a glove. Thus making her flawed and less sympathetic, but more real. I'd heard from a few friends along the way, and am hearing it more that I've finished the first chapter: the main character of this story is Hisashi.

What? I'd always thought it was Chiyoko. Hisashi was a huge part, sure, but the story centered around Chiyoko. At least it had in my head. I'd always figured they were the two main characters, Chiyoko and Hisashi, but Chiyoko a little more main. It looks like I could have been wrong. Sometimes you get waaaay too attached to a story that it's hard to see things clearly. I like feeling that close to a story, I wouldn't want to tell Die, Baby, Die! any other way. But it was interesting to get that feedback about Hisashi, I'll be paying more attention to what I'm doing and how I'm telling the story and how it's sways the readers. I'm not going to change any plans that I've already laid down, but I am going to be more mindful of what scenes convey to the readers. I had gotten too submerged in my own world that I'd almost forgotten what it would look like for a reader who only gets to live there between the pages.

One Window

Here is the second round of thumbnails for a smaller piece I've been working on called One Window. In the classes I've had with Steve Bissette he showed us many of his short horror stories. I found it amazing that he could tell such short, yet horrific stories. One of my favorites, COTTONMOUTH, was told in only four pages! Every word and every line count. When I got to the end of COTTONMOUTH I had to set it down, say "what the hell?", then promptly pick it up and read it again. Anyway, here is what I came up with.

Gross, I know. The first draft of this was a bit more wordy, and repetative, so I tried to cut down on that. I think the pacing works well. I wanted the panel layout for the first three pages to be the same as the window panes that the character is looking out of. Trying to get the reader, for three pages, to be in that constant state of looking at the same sight. I only drew in the window panes in the first panel, but they would be drawn in every panel. These are only the thumbnails, and I wanted to convey what was happening in the outside scenes, because the window panes will not change from panel to panel.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Below is a portrait of me done by one of my classmates, David Yoder. You can link to his blog on the side bar and check out his work. David drew a portrait of everybody in our class and made trading cards out of them for his thesis. Oh yeah, the whole "bird's nest" thing. It goes like this: people in my class made fun of me because some days before class I didn't style style my hair as if I was about to go to a photo shoot.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Cave of the Silken Web

I was wandering around KMart in West Lebanon the other day and I found a Shaw Brothers movie that I had never heard of: The Cave of the Silken Web. I thought I was in for some excellent Kung Fu action, so I had to pick it up.

The movie was made in 1967 and was the Shaw Brothers third production. There was a bit of Kung Fu in the movie, but it was mostly a musical comedy. It followed the exploits of Xuanzang, a monk, and his "hapless adventures", one of whom is the Monkey King (which you may or may not have seen in that movie with Jackie Chan and Jet Li, The Forbidden Kingdom).

The Monkey King is a Chinese legend that goes way back. The portrayal in this movie was delightful, he stole the entire show. I think that Jet Li closely studied his performance before filming his scenes as the Monkey King in The Forbidden Kingdom.

The Monkey King aside, what really attracted me in this movie were the Spider Demon women who inhabited the Silken Cave. Here are a few of them pictured below...

The six arms were lost after the trippy intro, which was too bad but understandable. There were seven spider demon sisters who lived together. They were all trying to eat Xuanzang's flesh, because it would enable them to live forever. The spider demon ladies all claim to want to work together, but they are full of spite and trickery. Not only do they use these qualities against their enemies, but also against themselves, which makes things really interesting.

This movie got me excited about the idea of spider demon women, who were full of trickery and sensuality and spurred me to do a bit more research. There wasn't much that I could find on this topic, but what I did find I posted below.

This is a scan from the Usagi Yojimbo Kumo story line. It's collected in book 14: Usagi Yojimbo Demon Mask, which is a great collection where many mysteries abound. The scan is a bit blurry on the left edge because I didn't want to crack the spine of the book (sorry). In this story there is a spider demon woman, who is a torso of a woman with a spider body. It was a great story which introduces on of Sakai's great characters, Sasuke the demon hunter.

All this research got me jazzed to work on a character that might turn up somewhere down the line. A character with the six arms thing going on from The Cave of the Silken Web. I was going for a seductive character who might lead men on and then suck the blood out of them or something nasty like that. It's all just in the idea stage for now, but I like how it's shaping up.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


The end of one thing. The beginning of something else. Commencement!

That's right, my two years at the Center for Cartoon Studies are coming to a close this Saturday. It's hard to believe that three years ago I was showing up to CCS to show off my portfolio. I've learned so much since then, but I still have much more to learn.

Evan Dorkin, who created the comic book Milk and Cheese, among others, will be our commencement speaker. I've never met him myself, but he is the thesis advisor of my classmate, Jason Weeks, and from what Jason says he sounds like a firecracker. It should be a great speech.

This graduating class will be the largest that has graduated from the school yet. I believe there are 25 or 26 of us. Most of whom, you can link to on the side bar. I'll list them here, in marching order: Jen Vaughn, Bill Volk, Jason Weeks, Keny Widjaja, David Yoder, Max De Radigues, Josh Rosen, Katherine Roy, Phillip Sherwood-Berndt, Blair Sterrett, Tim Stout, Laura Terry, Ryland Ianelli, Kevin Kilgore, Modi Kwanza, Melissa Mendes, mo, Jose-Luis Olivares, Nick Patten, Matt Aucoin, Eric Baker, Mark Bilokur, Casey Bohn, Gary-Paul Bonesteel, Randall Drew, Holy Holly Foltz, and Lauren Hinds.

The ceremony will be open to the public. Afterwords, there is an art show in the CCS gallery, open all day. Come down and check it out after your done watching your Saturday Morning Cartoons.

It's been a crazy two years. I'd like to thank my professors, and all the visting artists, my classmates and my thesis advisor, Stan Sakai, for all of their time, inspiration, and the memories.

Now, let's go make some fucking comics!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Die, Baby, Die! Press Release

I'm sent this add around to let people know that the first chapter is finished. You can read it by scrolling down, or I added a new page, which you'll see at the right of the screen, called Die, Baby, Die!: You Ain't a Baby No More, Baby!

Die, Baby, Die! First Chapter: You Ain't a Baby No More, Baby!

Here it is, the first installment of Die, Baby, Die! It might see some minor changes when it goes to print, and I am planning on adding a backup horror story just for fun. Hope you enjoy!