Friday, December 11, 2009

Die, Baby, Die! first two pages

Here are the first two pages of my longer work, tentatively titled, Die, Baby, Die! I'm not quite finished inking it, and am still getting used to the tools. I feel like the lettering is getting better. I especially like the panel on the second page where Miyuki is bleching her homework.

I'm struggling still with interiors of buildings and broke out the ruler because I can't draw a strait line to save my life. I'm hoping to get these pages to their final stages sometime before Christmas.

The Birth of a Nation

Here is a two page comic I did, the Birth of a Nation, which got printed in INBOUND #4: a comic history of Boston. The books are available for purchase at
I think this comic came out pretty well. I did a large amount of research on the group, the Sons of Liberty. I thought it was important that people get a glimpse of what they really were all about, instead of associating the name with the Metal Gear Solid on the PS2 that sucked.