Wednesday, September 9, 2009


For my Thesis Project at the Center for Cartoon Studies my teacher, Steve Bissette, suggested that I do a "one man anthology". Which is to come up with a title and pack all of my work together, regardless if they work as a story or not. This way, it would prove that I have been working the entire semester, and I wouldn't kill myself working on a longer project that I might not be able to finish at the end of the year.

Steve also mentioned that I am spending too much time drawing illustrative cover. He said I need to have graphical covers. Something that grabs people's attention and doesn't take forever to draw. It's the inside that should take forever to draw. So these are my attempts at a graphical cover for a one man anthology that I'm thinking of calling BULLET.

I'm thinking close-up on pretty girl's faces, with a solid colour background (red for the one below and blue for the one below that) with the shine in their eye the only thing that is white, and in bold yellow font BULLET! at the top.

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