Thursday, September 24, 2009

Metal Cognition: Firewall page 28

Here's the next page of Metal Cognition. I'll be focusing more on backgrounds and environments fo the rest of the book, and the rest of my works from now on. I'm pretty happy with the close up on SAL's face in the last panel.


This is the first page of a comic I'm doing for Jason Lutes' class. We had to keep dream journals and then use our dreams to come up with an image for the first page. This is mine, pretty creepy dream, huh? So, I've thumbnailed out the next four pages, and will post them sometime next week. I've finished penciling the next page, but I've been busy with other work, some of it homework, some of it janitorial work.

Do Robot Monkeys Dream of Electric Bananas?

Here's a drawing I did for a little project I'm doing just for fun, I'm trying to do a panel a day (I'm actually a little bit behind on that), and just see where it takes me.

Snake Man

Well, I finally got around to doing a picture of Snake Man. This isn't one of his special powers in the game, but it is how he gets his special powers. This was inked with a G-Nib and Crow Quill (a little) and colored with colored pencils that instead of color names have cat names, like hairball instead of brown, and lick instead of pink.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Metal Cognition pages 26 & 27

Here's the next two pages of Metal Cognition: Firewall. I just finished inking 27 today.


Here's another possible cover for my BULLET! anthology...

Spidey Spirit!

This weekend I did a little picture of my favorite superhero doing what he does best, cracking cheesy one liners while webbing up some baddies.
This is a preliminary pic for a story I'm working on to pitch to Marvel. Where Spider-Man invites all of the bad guys over for Thanksgiving dinner, only to reveal that the bird they are eating is no other than the Vulture! (for those of you who don't know the Vulture is this bad guy who is really old and bald and flies around stealing money and stuff)

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Blue Bomber

I was just playing through Mega Man 3 and got the sudden urge to do a sketch of Mega Man fighting Snake Man and a ton of the other bosses! This is what I came up with...

Okay, it's missing Snake Man, but it was still fun to draw.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Land O Lakes

Notice the difference between the two pictures? Look carefully...

There's something that the bottom Land O Lakes lady is displaying, and it ain't butter! The trick, if you want to know, is to cut out the knees of the Land O Lakes lady and paste it behind the butter, cutting away the butter she is holding so that it flips up.

My father showed me this when I was a kid, and I thought that all of the Land O Lakes butters were like this, so I would rush to the butter aisle in the grocery store and try to flip up all the butters that the Land O Lakes lady was holding. Many years later did I figure out what really happened.


For my Thesis Project at the Center for Cartoon Studies my teacher, Steve Bissette, suggested that I do a "one man anthology". Which is to come up with a title and pack all of my work together, regardless if they work as a story or not. This way, it would prove that I have been working the entire semester, and I wouldn't kill myself working on a longer project that I might not be able to finish at the end of the year.

Steve also mentioned that I am spending too much time drawing illustrative cover. He said I need to have graphical covers. Something that grabs people's attention and doesn't take forever to draw. It's the inside that should take forever to draw. So these are my attempts at a graphical cover for a one man anthology that I'm thinking of calling BULLET.

I'm thinking close-up on pretty girl's faces, with a solid colour background (red for the one below and blue for the one below that) with the shine in their eye the only thing that is white, and in bold yellow font BULLET! at the top.

Metal Cognition: Firewall

These are three pages that I've been working on this past week to try and finish my story called Metal Cognition. It is basically a robot mystery story. Before I got started on it I had been reading a lot of Isaac Asimov for research, particularly the R. Daneel and Leige Bailey novels. This is the second part of my action sequence...

I spent a lot of time planning out page 25, trying to lead the reader's eye through the page. Hopefully it was successful. I'm still working hard to finish up the rest of the story. I have one more scene that I thought would be 7 more pages, but I might add a couple more pages to give myself a little breathing room. The only problem with "breathing room" is that if I take too much I'll never finish this book. I originally planned it to be 24 pages, and that didn't happen.

Old Raph

Here is a drawing I did after I read the collected Tales of the Turtles that came out last year. Raph is my favorite, even in his old age.

The Breaking In

This is a poster I made for the guys who are the Breaking In, Todd Haire and John Ravell. The zombie carrying the insides in her purse was somthing that made me chuckle. This was a very Steve Bissette inspired piece.